Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recycled fashion - VAHO

Last summer, while visiting Barcelona, I came upon a great little boutique, right near the Picasso Museum and the Textile Museum (great location by the way!!!). Like all urban style stores, it had colors, it had excitement and it had bags (of all types and colors). Nothing special until now, right? Then, I saw this:

Get it? Seeing that, made everything special, because they were no longer just beautiful, but actually saving the environment. The bags are made form PVC advertising flags that not long ago hung in the streets of Barcelona, or Madrid - you can better visualize the process in the picture on the right (but I'm pretty sure you got it by now).

So, beside saving nature you'll look fantastic with a bag like that. Especially because nobody will have the exact same one as you (thanks to the manufacturing process). It's all you can wish for - and more! A genius idea, but I think they are not the first to use it (there were others that did the exact same thing, but by using truck tarps, like Freitag) . Even so, it's a great example of urban fashion, because it really combines the city with great fashion.

For more info on Vaho, my personal favorite in this domain, click on their name, or do as I did: go to Barcelona and visit their store! I posted here a few pictures of the boutique (and especially of the merchandise). As you can see, they have something for everybody and I'm not talking just about begs, but also wallets, belts, accessories in general .

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