Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fashion, Color, Light and Summer - 2008

The Fashion world is crazy! You never know what's coming up next, you never know what to expect. Last summer, things were clear as water, but now, there is just too much happening.
Designers have prepared for us a great feast: elegance, color, with artistic spices and a taste of fantasy! Fashion shows for the hot season have something for everybody. I'm mostly happy for the come-back of color and art in fashion, it was about time!
Here are some for my personal favorite images form the cat walks of the spring-summer 2008 shows.

The first thing you notice, is the purity and simpleness of some summer dresses this year. It's one perfect combination, from the heat and sun point of view. I just love the Balenciaga piece (2nd on top), especially for it's armor look-alike. The thing you'll notices at all of this outfits is the architectural inspiration, combine in some cases with a flower motif (very much in trends now) or with a little bit of color. Personally, for me the best example here is the King, King Karl Lagerfeld, by Chanel that is (3ed dress on top).
Other examples here are Anna Sui, Bill Blass, Donna Karan, Luca Luca etc.

As true fashion victims I just know you all know what color is on top this year, but I'm going to say it anyway. So, it's all about the yellow. Pure yellow, yellow combined with other colors, different types of yellow in one place, it doesn't matter, as long as you wear it. Even so, we shouldn't forget other colors: red, fuchsia, blue and green are just as present on the cat walks. Jean Paul Gaultier (2nd up) offers us a style somewhere between a Tim Burton world and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Miu Miu (3ed down) sees the world in a different, more artistic way and Alessandro Dell'Acqua (1st down) celebrates color!
Other: Celine, Eliea Saab and Missoni.

I offer you my summer favorites (even if the fall-winter 2008-2009 shows are so in right now) because we should take it step by step, one season at a time. Maybe soon, we'll have a chat about what's going to come. Until then, just enjoy the beautiful weather!

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