Saturday, March 22, 2008

Colors of Summer

It's almost April, but I just can't wait for summer. I'm like a little kid in his parents car...Are we there yet? Are we there yet?. So, I'm being annoying and people are starting to hate me. That is why I thought it would be nice to talk about last summer. Just see it as a vintage discussion.

As little fashion freaks that we are, we just can't imagine a summer far away from the city (maybe a weekend or two). My secret for surviving the heated concrete is finding a color-full oasis. In other words, find an open space, where they have drinks and friends. In order to make time fly until the evening, you could also play a card game (I recommend UNO), or just start painting the walls or floors. This thing will come in handy especially if you keep in mind that summer and fun are synonyms. The great thing about my idea (ain't I modest?!) is that it keeps your creativity in action, a very important thing trough summer.

This is my favorite out door space, where they have drinks and's kf's terrace. It's a memory of my color-full summer.


verdedeparis said...

Well, I simply find myself obliged to subscribe to our opinion regarding kf's terrace :P A freshfrog is exactly what I need when the thermometer points over 30 degrees centigrade :))

verdedeparis said...