Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A pinky, girly, cutey behind the wheel

The car is such a man machine, right? But things are changing together with us. I am so terrified about driving. But don't get me wrong, not the driving itself, but getting behind the wheel. From there, a whole bunch of problems come: taking care of your stilettos, protecting your shoe point, or (if it's warm outside) watch out for the bruises, caused by the seatbelt. Not much fun...

But here I am, coming to your aid. My biggest discovery (I'm very proud of it) is a brand of shoes, especially made for woman drivers. The brand name is Sheila's Heels. Just imagine: you walk all day in your great, super sexy stilettos and when you get on the driver seat, you just remove the heel and become as comfortable as possible (not to mention, you'll make traffic safer). As you can see, they are pretty good looking (even when they become baby doll style), but still, I fell they are missing something. Even so, it's great they exist and maybe, soon all high heels will be like this.

Another way to protect your special Jimmy Choos (I WISH!!!) is to use a heal protector. The good thing about this invention is that it fits all types of heels and it's removable. This heel protector is from Smart Heel. On their site you can find more information and other products.

I also found a lot a really stupid stuff, that I really love (even if you don't want to admit it, I'm sure you like them too). So go and surch some pink, Hello Kitty, fluffy seatbelt pads, wheel covers, heel pads and so one. They are not only girly looking, but also useful. Just write pink car on google and you'll find everything you need.

So, drive safe, think pink and be stylish (no matter where you are).

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