Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Creepy Staircase

The title says it all.
Really now!...

It is just too sad. My beautiful, light and bright and happy Atelier is in one of Arad's more popular buildings...that is just being left to decay! Nothing is being taking care of. There is no light and people expect persons like me to do all the cleaning (and we do what we can...)

Creepy at night!!! Just like in a good horror, every time I return here during the night, my fist action is to turn on my little flashlight. Click! And then I go up the stair being able to see only what the small light allows me to! Nothing much, but even that is enough!

You can't imagine the horrible things that run trough my head...or maybe you like horror movies as much as I do and then you probably can! :)) But, no matter what, I love this building! :)

Sorry about the crazy post but I just got really frustrated today with the, we all have our moments I guess. ;)A view of the building's inside yard (now that it snowed):Images: theFword

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