Monday, January 16, 2012

Feel For Me

Imagine a jacket.
Not a special one. A simple one. It keeps you warm, makes you look a little cool...does what an ordinary jack does...AND MORE!

What if this jacket could communicate your felling to others? What if this jacket became part of you (knowing how you feel and what you want to do)? This is the project of canadian industrial designer, Lorea Sinclaire. A jacket that does all that!!!

About it:
The wearable device uses symbolic language to communicate a need or receive a notification. For example different touch gestures imply different meanings. Doing up a button will send out passive signals of your location. stroking the discrete lining of the hem will send out a ‘friend call’. A combination of two hands swiping the outer arms implies you need serious help.
This user interaction utilizes embroidered conductive thread as touch sensors, and an integrated GPS module to send out location.
The user receives feedback whenever someone nearby signals. a gentle vs. a strong pulse of vibration will denote the volume of presence of friends nearby.
Pretty cool, right?
Now, sorry for just copy-pasting the text. But I'm not much as far as technology goes and why would I make a better description then the designer of the project?! :)
Even so, I can admit liking it a lot...but I'm not sure how much good can it do. Aren't we getting to exposed already?! We live our lives in the open and I'm afraid this sort of this is just too much for me. Maybe it was high-time to draw the line!

But I do like it! :P
A cool mixture between technology, patterns, fabrics etc!From: Design You Trust

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