Monday, January 2, 2012

Making a List

...and I won't even check it twice!
No need...I've been trying to think about things to put on the list for a long while now. And besides the usual I want to be a better person, I want to start working out more often, I want to bla bla... I just can't think of anything else...

The reason? Well, I think I really like my life (and me) right now. I love it all: the hard moments, the easy ones, the happy ones...even the good ones. Because last year I've learned that all experiences can teach me something. I am the result of good, bad, fantastic, heartbreaking events. I am happy! So, why change anything? :)

2011 was a crazy ride.
2012 will be an even bigger roller-coaster!

Now, while researching for "the list" I came across this really cool blog: 1000 THINGS TO DO (aka.Bucket List). Besides the "to do things", I really like the images. That's why, who knows, maybe you'll get inspired. Here are some images:Images: 1000 THINGS TO DO

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