Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Greeting Card

It was the 1st of January 2012. Yes, not that long ago! After celebrating the New Year with friends, I got up the next morning (must read afternoon) and went out to buy something for my headache (yeah...it was a blast, that party).

Sunny Happy People on the streets! Accidentally met with Ioana from kf , chatted a little, laughed a little, kissed and said good-bye. So there I was, my grumpy self, retuning to the Atelier, when (I don't know why) decided to check the mail box-real one.

Surprise! Surprise!

A pretty golden envelope with a greeting card from my dear Mara!!! I'm telling you, this was the best way to start the year. Nothing compares with a greeting card written by hand. Nothing! Mara, you are amazing!!! Kisses and love from Arad!

Now you understand I have all the reasons in the world to see 2012 as a super-duper year? ;)Images:theFword

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