Friday, December 3, 2010

Walk in a Pixie Pair of Shoes

If you are a fun-shoe-loving girl, then Pixie shoes are the shoes for you! Because of the colors, the models, the fabrics...oh well, because they are just so so adorable! :)

A few weeks ago, at the La Chatterie Goes ON-LINE! event, I had the occasion to see the PiexieShoes showroom (no.33, Baratiei Str- behind the Cocoru Store). And if at start I loved the shoes, now I also love the girls behind the brand! Yes, good, great people, make good and great things! Best of luck to them!

For more PixieShoes, be sure to visit the site and the Showroom!*at this photoshoot worked a great mind that I'm sure you know: Denisa aka Nookie from Fashion in my Eyes! She did the styling and I think it all turned out fantastic!
**ohhh! I can't wait to do a collaboration with them!!!

From: PiexieShoes