Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Crime Scene!

Sooo, a person very dear to me just bought this knit scarf. OMG!!!!!!

Loooveeee it! Uh, must make it mine!!! It's a crime not to have it! ;))) The extra-long crime scene band is actually a great way to keep warm (and cool) this winter.
Fuzz is acrylic with a touch of spandex for extra oomph;
it’s just shy of five feet long; and it’s packed all rolled up in a
clear drum for handy display.
Oh, Fred products are just to die for! Want them all!

Now, no surprise that I couldn't resist taking a few photos with the amazing "crime-scene-scarf! ;))) ok...and got a little silly doin' all that! ;)))From: Fred

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