Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuff, Stuff...STUFF

Sometimes, it's just so good to clean your closet, your boxes...actually, your apartment. Get out the stuff you don't really need, rediscover great stuff you forgot about and just admire the stuff you love.

That's what I did this weekend, at a friends place. The friend with the most amazing closet ever? Miruna! She has stuff in there you could just die for!...I was thinking about running away with something, but I ended up with a great D&G wallet! 10q!!! :***

Because I couldn't help myself not taking a few pictures, I'm showing you 2 of them. They are the ones that are most relevant for this blog and for this time of year! :)Here we have the UGG kit! Let me just say it again, I'm not an UGG fan. But if you are going to wear them, now this is what you need. Miruna does it with style! ;))) (but I don't remember seeing a pair around her home...maybe she used to have one but doesn't anymore. Or maybe she was just hiding them from me!:))) )
Because the Holidays are closer the ever, this little number from Vivienne Westwood is just perfect! Cute and fun, it is THE pair to wear when you're opening gifts under the Christmas tree!

Images: theFword

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