Monday, December 6, 2010

Fashion History in an Image 2

Here we are again. One week later, another image!
Now, this might come as a shocker, but trust me, I have good reasons for picking this image (and even if I don't..well, I like it and that's all that matters).
Girls and boys, today we have: Barbie Benton!She did it all: singing, acting, modeling, being an interior decorator (a little crazy, but at the same time lovely one). But she's mostly famous for being as a former girlfriend of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner.

I love her for being a brunet in an almost all-blond world! Sometimes, even a small detail such as the color of your hair can make such a big difference! The image we have here is actually part of a bigger one (see it all here). I didn't want to share that because it's just not about the "decolletage"!!!

Hope you'll enjoy this '70s crazy-fun girl, that seriously made a difference for all the non-blonds out there! ;)))

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