Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can You Feel the Spirit?

Oook! There are a lot of images in this post and it's because I just couldn't help myself! Looove them all! I want one, I need one! Grrrr! ;)))

This cool (keeping warm) number comes from Spirit Hoods. You can be a wolf, a hawk, a bunny and so one. Also, you can choose a longer paw (in order to also keep your hands warm) or a shorter one. Prices range from $249 to $59. So, there's one for every pocket!

Be sure to visit Spirit Hoods to see more models. Fashionistas like the Kardashian sisters, Fergie and Ke$ha are all wearing their own. Puff, stop taking fashion so seriously and just have some fun! My favorite is the Lion! Or is it? uhhh...too many choices!!! ;)))From: Spirit Hoods

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