Monday, December 13, 2010

Aaaa...a Present!

In Romania, on the 6th of December, we celebrate St.Nicholas!

The trick is that St.Nicholas brings gifts to good kids and for the bad kids a bat (now don't imagine a baseball bat, but a small, slim one with bows on it). I was extra-god! And I was expecting great, fantastic...Prada maybe...stuff!Instead, I got this! ;))))))))))) Just love it! Not that nice to get it, but still, it's fun! Meet the Magic Frog to Prince -just add water!

I took pictures so you can see the transformation (forgot to take one of the frog, but believe me, it looks just like in the image above). Now, my prince turned out a little crooked and with a big - giant even - head! Uh...poor one!

Even if it didn't turned out the way I wanted (a young George Clooney) I still had loads of fun! ;))) Image: theFword


Sunshine Sarah said...

Eh, macar acum ai cu cine sa-ti petreci the rest of your life... :))

Arina said...