Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collectors Unite

I've always liked collections, I like to look at them, hear people talk about them and I am usually fascinated by what people choose to collect. People around me collect: magnets, keyboards, video games, glass fishes, toys, scissors (ahem!ahem! I hope the lovely host of this blog will share that with us in detail) and they are all amazing!

I always wanted to start one, but it never seemed to come together (that is, if you don't count the amounts of trinkets, knickknacks and just plain old stuff filling up my house up to the roof). Until one day I realized that a collection is starting to grow in my possession, without me even knowing about it. Two side notes here: 1) you guys, clean out those boxes on your closet, surprises await and 2) isn't it just great to just sit around and suddenly realize you have something awesome going for you? Right? Right?

Here's the deal, I collect glasses (sounds boring, but it isn't. I promise). I wear prescription glasses everyday, but I also have a box of glasses with which you can't do much, but parade them at parties and have all around fun. And because I can, I am sharing my little collection with you (in gif form, how else?):

The blue ones have rear view mirrors. Because why not?

I know it's not a lot. But it's growing, steady, slowly and surely soon this gif will be updated and it will be as long as a movie (a short movie, but nonetheless). So now to the pressing question: Do you collect anything? 

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