Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just One Thing!

Is there something that gets on your nerves? A little thing that other people don't notice? Something you don't think about regularly but when you do, you feel an uncomfortable wave of anger?  Of course there is, you are human and this little pet peeves are part of our daily lives.

Are you now wondering what my pet peeve is? Of course you do, curiosity is also part of the human condition (this is as deep as I'll ever get, just look at the next sentence). You guys, I am annoyed by kitchen utensils that only do one thing and that thing is as lazy and as innocuous as it can be. For instance, there is a device for peeling oranges, it's like a ring and it has a little sharp crest with which you can pierce the peel and cut it. You put it on your finger, right beneath your fingernail, which can do the exact same thing as this glorious invention. After you are finished you put it in a drawer with knives, which do the exact same thing as this marvel of modern science.  Can you feel my mild irritation seeping through these lines?

But there's also an upside to these types of inventions and who better to fill our lives with whimsy than the Japanese. Dear readers take a minute and brighten your day by reading about Chindogu. And now let's take a look at some of them.

Are you tired of the tip of your shoes getting wet? Here's kind of a solution.

Do you need lighter? I have something better, it will just take a minute.

I know it goes against what I wrote earlier, but I would like a pair of these glasses.

Creepy, right? Right?

Look at more Chindogu here. And from now on whenever you want to buy something like a spoon rest, take a minute and think: "Do I really need this or should I just take a picture of it and send it to Noemi to really get on her nerves?"

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