Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

Fantastic-beautiful-sunny April is finally here!

Joy! Oh Joy! And it's fantastic not just because it's April, but because it's April 1st! The perfect time for jokes and pranks. The day when the world agreed to create a date when smiling and having fun is a must!!! How can you not love today?!

I was saving this for something special and this very moment is simply perfect!
Meet my friend Andreea Ionescu, fooling around in Arad!
Oh, it's great to have friends that can make you smile.
Friends that laugh at you when you trip on the street.
Friends that will try things you like, just because YOU like them.
Friends that will keep your side, even if they know you were wrong to do that in the first place. (talking about the small things...)
Friends that call just to see what's new.
Friends that are still your friends even if you haven't seen them in months.
Friends with great personalities, that you could listen to them talking for hours.
Friends with imagination.
Friends that are creative.
Friends that cook delicious meals.
Friends that dance the nights away.

And I could take this list to infinity! Because I have fantastic friends and am proud to admit it! They are my beautiful crazies and I adore them all!

Happy April Fool's Day everybody!!!
Now, go prank a friend! They will love it! ;)

Images: by Sabina Mladin

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