Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#100happydays (11-20)

This is what made me happy this past 10 days.
Oh...sometimes it's so hard to see happiness, but this project surely makes me try and try. Just like the 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' saying, the same goes with happiness. Especially when talking about the #100happydays project!

And yes...this times, I have a picture (super one) with my crazy cats!!!
Day 11: I'm really happy to see them empty! It means I have to make more!

Day 12: In colors I trust! In colors I see the world!

Day 13: So what if it's the 13th day?! We're lucky, because we have each other!

Day 14: Welcome to my world! An endless world of fabric!

Day 15: A day spent with friends, is a great day indeed!

Day 16: Because CATS!!!

Day 17: some night are electric!

Day 18: No internet until 9 PM. blissful day!

Day 19: beautiful chaos that is coming!

Day 20: Chatting at CHATBOX Arad

Images: Arina Varga

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