Monday, May 5, 2014

Flying Over the...

A few weeks ago, I went to 'Balamuc' aka. Nuthouse.

Shocked?'ll be even more shocked when I tell you I absolutely loved it there and I can't wait to go visit again! Aaaa! Such a lovely place! Simply out of this world! :D
Ok...seriously. Balamuc is the place where art meets us, the normal people. And it doesn't just meet us. It talks to us, it becomes our friend! Because it is the house, the home of a few very talented artists, that will blow your mind with their works.
Playful, innocent and even a little creepy. They have it all! All necessary to be wanted and loved as an artist. I immediately got a painting from Livia Coloji, portraying a cute sign...yes, I am that kind of a person! :P
It was a perfect Saturday and, as I said before, I can't wait to go back again!
Now...let's play a game! A 'Find Waldo' game...but with a twist :D Can you spot the Redhead? :))) it's not that hard...!

photos: Daniel Cepanariu

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