Thursday, May 15, 2014

Learn it!

Long time no see, huh, guys? But I'm back so let's rejoice and get back to business.

Did you learn anything new lately? I don't mean a cool new fact (those are also good, no hate for cool new facts), but like a new recipe, or a secret or a skill. I'm always in the market for learning a new skill and hearing what people would like to learn, never mind how many trainings, courses and you tube teaching videos I have abandoned during the course of my long and fruitful life.

On my current learning wishlist I have two things: calligraphy and finger tutting. Calligraphy so that I can write nice and curly shopping lists and perfectly executed two-word journal entries (that is how much I am willing to journal). And now you are wondering about finger tutting. Have a look:

I know you probably saw this, but watch it again and again.

Am I right? It seems like tons of fun and it's so hypnotic, also it seems like great work out for your fingers. Now excuse me while I bookmark a ton of instruction videos and get to work.

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