Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coloring Book for Us Old Folks!

You know how you and all your friends started talking about the good-old-days when you were younger? Well, if you are my age you just might! If younger...waaaay younger, just ignore me! As youngsters do! :))) Joke!!! I'm sure we all are nostalgic about our childhood. But! But! But! Do you miss coloring books?

Well, here's a treat for you! Now, there's something especially for you! A coloring book for grownups! Filled with images of sad, nasty, hangover situations that I'm sure you've lived! Isn't that nice...that they decided to make it filled with personal situations that we can all relate to! Ooooh!

So, whenever that's a rainy day, or you friends don't answer their phones, or maybe your Xbox/PS etc. is not working, now you have something to do! Something creative that will surely bring you down Memory Lane! Ahhh! Memories of sweet childhood and horrible memories from last night's party! The joy! This book simply shows me once again that being a grownup sucks! But at least we get to make fun of it!

My friends, enjoy!
Images: Sad and Usless (this is fast becoming my favorite site!!!)

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