Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Day With NO Internet.

It was horrible!

And while I was banging my head against the walls, I realized I am an addict! Like must of you, I dare to say. And I'm right...right?

Believe me, I work all day and sometimes all night! But the internet is my safety net, my way of socializing and keeping in touch with friends, clients and people I like to know about. Yes, I too have my stocking victims and I think that's simply normal this days. So what if I like knowing what Jean-Charles de Castelbajac had for lunch?! Can you blame me??? I was. No internet. No way of communicating with my clients. You might say 'Oh, Arina! Do you remember the telephone?'. I doooo!!! But how can I use the telephone when I rely on visual-information so much? Impossible! So I worked non-stop. Trying to keep my sanity! Trying - the key word here.

What did I do:
- sketched a few evening gowns
- looked at all the fabric samples received this past month
- did some sewing
- reorganized the atelier (fabrics/buttons/strings)
- washed all the mirrors (I do have a lot of mirrors)
- managed to meet with 5 clients
- thought about my personal life and where it was going (always a bad idea)
- started to make the plan for the next photoshoot

And that's about it. Then I got home and Virgil got I had someone to keep me company (in other words, someone to stress). All in all, it was a great day! I'm thinking to make every Tuesday - No Internet Day! We'll see how that will turn out...

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