Thursday, March 20, 2014

Delicate Bloody Porcelain

Oh mighty Gods of the internet why have you forsaken me? Why have you let me fall ill with a disease for the rich? All too many hours have been wasted down your treacherous wormholes by me, promising myself: "Just one more!" knowing very well it's not true. Because I have the oh-so-unknown illness of: Porcelain Infatuation! (Ahhhh, no cure)

I can spend hours on end looking at pretty porcelain figurines, plates, dolls and everything in between (sometimes on this very blog). And I dream of the day when I can buy them all and keep them in a special, creepy and wonderful room where you have to walk on your toes and live with constant anxiety of not breaking anything.

And now, dear readers, let me fill you in on all the gory, delicate details. Let's marvel together at the this beautiful lady created by Jessica Harrison.

Marie Antoinette is that you? Going to a ball post-decapitation?

Let's gaze at this beautiful dissected dinnerware by Beccy Ridsdel and wonder if we would discover a new layer to our plates if we just pushed our knife hard enough.

And finally let's bask and in the luminous glory of this porcelain sculpture by Jeff Koons.(Oh Gods, let this become a knock-off item so that I can buy it at the bazaar.)

This would make a great TV-topper in a grandma house or my house.

(figurines via, plates via)

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