Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Do you remember the game?
If you are Romanian, or Czech, or something in between, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. It's the childhood game preferred by the girls (but I remember boys also used ti play..)
THE ELASTIC! (or, in my part of the country, 'the panties')

It was sooo long ago (yep, still getting old) that I really don't remember the rules. It used to be played in at least 3 kids. Two of them used to hold the elastic with they feet and the other used to jump. They they changed places. They wouldn't simply jump, but the had to make all kins of tricks with the elastic. SSSOooo cool!
Also, the elastic would gradually move from being help with 2 feet, to 1 feet. From the ankles, to the knees and even waist and neck (only the pro s could jump that high. Or the older kids)

When it was just me and my cousin, we used a chair to help us play. So I guess you can do it in 2 also :)) You know kids, if the want to do something, they will find a way to do it!
Why am I writing about this now? Now, when I don't even remember the rules?
Don't be mean, I remember things. When I was your age!!! ;) You'll get to walk in my shoes. I'm not worried about that!

Back to the subject. Every morning when I come to work, I go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast (yogurt and wheat bran -> bleah!), then I come to the laptop and see what happened while I was sleeping. That's how I came a cross a photo/drawing illustrating the game we are talking about.
My day got better! Because if you start the day smiling, nothing can stop you from moving a mountain with a laughter! Agree? :) So, my advice to you: find visual information that can boost your spirit!

But let's get back to the game.
Here are different techniques on how to play! Start practicing because this Summer we might have a competition! ;)

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