Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fashion is Supposed to be FUN

Words of wisdom my friend! Words of wisdom!
Aaand, also my brand's motto...just to put it out there! But I'm sure you already knew that!
The other day, this got me thinking. People know about this motto, they talk about it, really enjoy it, but I don't think they truly believe in it. And that is just sad! Fashion is too diverse, full of different fabrics, colors, different cuts and shapes, filled with glitter, beads and whatever your mind can imagine!

So why take it so serious?! Something that is filled with opportunity can't be a stress factor! And I think that's why people make such fashion-mistakes. They stress too much about it, instead of simply letting it flow and enjoy the ride! ;)

That is why, the other day, I decided to show you all that fashion can be fun!
Of course it's a little crazy! Believe me, I know. I simply decided to go all the way, in order to prove my point and to make you smile! :D Did it work? I know it did! :)) Just like I know you are thinking what I'm thinking (my hair looks like a wig - the same in all the photos!!!)

How, dress up all nice and fancy and go outside to enjoy the sun!

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