Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sitting Up Straight!

Hello April!
Hello April readers! :D

As I promised last week, I'm going to tell (and show) you how it was at ChatBox. First of all: I love it! Yes, Yes, I have faith in the young! They will change our world and they will take care of me when I'm old! What?! Isn't that what every elderly person dreams?! :))

I was the first one to talk. Nervous as usual...not sitting up (as usual).
Now, I'm going to give you a moment to look at the picture below and remember! This is a "how NOT to" sit:
Still laughing?
Please stop. Uh...tomorrow I'll have an entire class visiting me and I must remember to have a better posture!
Anyways, ChatBox. I talked about myself, about what I studied, where I worked, why am I doing what I'm doing and more 'personal' subjects. That being said, we began to chat about trends and everything they imply. Ohhh...I could go for hours!

And so, after only 25min it was all over.
I just hope they had as much of a good time as I did...
My friends Rada and Ioana also came to back me up!
hmmm...if they are my friends...why don't they tell me to sit UP straight?!?!?!?!...yes...I am obsessed
Photos: Stoian Marius & Buboi-Popa Rares

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