Friday, April 19, 2013

Golden-Flea Market

Last Sunday I went with my parents to this huge flea market that takes place at the end of every week in Arad. We all call it 'Obor', but my parents and grandparents have a different name for it...but, as you might notice, I can't remember it.

Why did I go with my parents? dear friends can't get up that early, especially if it's the weekend! And I really wanted to get out of the house.
How was it?
There are just so many things there! Useless and useful, it doesn't really matter! I want them all! I know, I have a problem...maybe when I'll be older I'll turn out to be a closet hoarder (really hope not). What did I buy? Well...I got 2 summer dresses and a shirt, a ashtray shaped like a fish and the lower part of an old sewing machine, that I am planing to turn into a table at one point...
I guess I got a lot. Also, my mom got some plates and funky looking glasses. Pretty cool!

It was a great-fun morning! Also, if you take into consideration I only spent the equivalent of 30 euros! :))
Now I have your attention!!!

So, why not give your local flea market a try? You don't know what treasures you might find!
Images: Davorka Požgan