Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Old...

I'm pretty sure all you youngsters out there will one day say 'Uh...I must be getting old!'.
Yep...I didn't thought that moment will come as soon as it did, but here I am, almost 28 and thinking a lot about it all!
I must be getting old...
Really now, I don't know what's with all the drama regarding this subject. Everybody is, life goes on, until it doesn't anymore. And that sucks, but maybe it doesn't. Who knows what's out there waiting for us?!

Anyways, I was visiting my grandmother the other day (she is 87 and still kicking and staying on my case). She started to tell me about her mother and how she lived in Hungary, about her own youth in Bucharest and so many other things. Not important to you, but very interesting to me. It was a lovely Spring afternoon and I can't wait to visit her again.

All this got me thinking. What does aging mean to me?'s about the stories! It's about having fun and being proud of what you've done! Being proud of your friends, of your family, your house, your job. Until now, I know I am!

*and yes...I found 3 gray hairs! I am getting old and I'm proud!

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