Sunday, March 31, 2013

on Instagram

Well, being the weekend and with nothing to do (by the way 'Happy Holidays' to all of you out there celebrating Easter) I thought I should activate the stoker mode in all of you :))

What else to do on a rainy day?!
What better way to spend it, then watching what all your friends did last night, where did they go, how drunk did the get and even if they kissed anybody. Uh...admit it! You want to know (even more if you are a girl...)!!!

So, here you can find me: ArinaVarga on Instagram aka. Proud Owner of theFword.
This is my life.
You'll see it's actually pretty normal (or so I like to think). Lost of photos with friends, with my work, mu loved ones and all sorts of quirky things I come across.
Like this blog, it's not necessarily about something.
It's just me and what I see!

Now, be sure to respond so I can stoke you too!
Yes, yes...the internet is a wonderful thing :))) I joke, I joke! But really know, I would love to know more about you!

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