Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SkirtBike Arad - Images

It was a perfect Sunday!
Skirts, dresses, cut girls, bikes, puppies, kids, smiles, lemonades and great music! If you know me, you know I don't need anything more!

It all started at 11 AM, when the girls started to come to the IT place! Even if it was crazy-hot outside, everybody was in a good mood, enthusiastic about the event. Well, as you were all expected, I didn't get to learn how to ride a bike (told you I was crazy busy) so I just took pictures! Snap! Snap!

And away they went...and I away went to have my delicious coffee @kf! There, they were preparing 250 lemonades for the bikers, on the house! When the dj came it was perfect! Bossa Nova, hip-hop and just all in all summer music! LOVED IT!!!

As soon as the girls were back, it was a little afternoon party! Yuu-huuuu! So much fun! :) You can see more images here! Hope I'll get to see you there next time!Images: theFword

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