Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready For the Heat?

Like most of you, I too struggle with the effects Summer has on my body!
In May, the almost suicidal mission starts. ;))) I exaggerate, of course...but partially it's true. First, you say good-bye to everything you like and then you start doing/eating everything you hate!

No fun...sports and diets and creams and so on. I just don't know why I don't take care of my body all year long. :( It would be a lot easier... But 'easy' is NOT my middle name! I complicate things...

That's what we do: everything possible to reach the 'ideal' body.
But, did you ever think about it as 'the ideal body of OUR generation'? This retro add I found reminded me of how beauty was always a different thing, a different feeling, always depending on the period of time.

And with that being sad, let m tell you what I think.
Beauty: what one likes, loves, appreciates...it regards our taste in everything.
In Romania, we have a saying (one that I use a lot):
Gusturile nu se discuta!
Tastes (in fashion/culture/wine/food/decorations etc.) are not a subject of discussion
That refers to the fact that 'tastes' a too personal to try to convince somebody otherwise. Don't you agree?

Have a great Summer!!!:*

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