Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Taste in Music

This is a subject that is pretty controversial among my friends... Because I really like a lot of bands, of musical genders, musicians, etc. And the reasons are not always the 'normal' type.

I could like a band only because at a certain point in my life, I had a crush on a boy that looked exactly like the drummer or something like that. Or because I used to listen to a similar song when I first traveled cross-country by myself... the reasons are endless and even pointless...

Even so, I think I have great taste in music ;))))
Yep...and that's that!
* are you already looking at the Musical Inspiration labels?! You have no faith! No faith at all! Ok, just do it and you will see it's TRUE!

Back. So, here I am posting this oh-so-cool song, hoping you'll enjoy it. It reminds me of an evening spend at kf. Great music, great friends, great food (it was an Italian evening), great drinks and great weather...perfect!

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