Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot[Haute] Macabre

This weather is killing me!
It's simply too hot to do anything!!!

And this photoshoot is the best example to show you how I feel: strangulated, but fabulous! ;)) Breathless and soft and delicate and lifeless, all this while wearing fantastic chiffon gowns. Uh, the things we do for fashion...luckily my hair is short now (otherwise I would wear it long, on my shoulders...sure suffocation!).

So, the images are from the Italian Vogue (not sure, but I think last year) and the model is non other then Ethel Granger (the woman with the smallest waist, according to the Guinness Book of Records). Photos by Steven Meisel.

In order to keep things in order, I must say this: the title of this post comes from the blog's name, where I found the images (at the end, you'll find the link). And I just thought it was perfect!
Because it is Haute Couture!
Because it's HOT Fashion!
...simply because it's too hot outside, but we still show our FASHION-love! Interesting/fun fact: Animal New York published this article under the heading High Fashion Planking.From: Haute Macabre


Mademoiselle Noree said...

Her waist is crazy! :D

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Arina said...

:) she is amazing! I agree ;)