Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laziest Blogger of the Year!

c'est moi!
it's me!
yes! yes! yes!
Thank you! Thank you very much for your support! First of all, I want to give a big 'Thank You' to my job, that's keeping me up day and nigh! Dear Job, this wouldn't be possible without you!

I also want to mention a few persons that occupy all my little free time: my parents, my boyfriend, my friends! Yes, you are so cool that you, all of you, manage to keep me away from the computer!

Last, but NOT least: thank you SUMMER! Oh you! You! With your warm days and warm evenings, you just won't let me spend not even 1hour in front of my laptop!
...and the crowd goes wild with my speech!
Did it work? You don't hate me anymore? ;))) Ok ok, sorry, just didn't get around to post on MY blog. Maybe next week, but no promises!



Ben Liu said...

Hi Arina,

Thank you for introducing my Benda panda:)

You have a cute blog here!
Keep in touch!


Arina said...

:)) 10q!