Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working the Needle

Today I decided to keep it cool and hang out in the atelier.
The atelier - the place I love the most in the worlds, the place that simply makes me feel so so happy!

And because it's impossible to simply sit in the atelier (a place of work) I took it upon me to hand sew some embroidered flowers on a cute jacket/trench. Some of you might see this as extremely boring, but for me it's the perfect example of relaxation.
I sit down in a cozy corner and I see to my work, thinking about future projects,, the flowers and my thoughts! Perfection.

We all have different ways of relaxation. Some like to go to a spa, other treat themselves to a cup of tea or wine. Some go shopping, or to the gym, or to the movies. There are so many ways to unwind!
But believe me when I say, I know people just as crazy as me, that relax by ironing shirts, or washing the dishes.
How about you? Are you using classical relaxation techniques, or do you prefer the sort of crazy ones?

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