Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of Those Days...

You know them...
You must know them! 'cause if you don't, I'll be the only one around here having bad-crazy days and that ain't fun...as they say, misery needs company! :)))

I joke! Relax! We need hard day, in order to have fantastic ones! Don't you agree?
This is how I live my life. I believe that what goes around, comes a round. I believe in the sun after the clouds. I believe in the need of negativity, to notice the positive! Because that's simply how life works. With dramas, with tears, with laughter and smiles...and love! Must NOT forget about it!

So, here I am. On January 28th 2014. A full day and far from being over. Even so, things got too crazy and I needed a blogging break to clear my mind.

Why was it so hectic? Well, yesterday we did the shooting for the 'Entitles Bully' lookbook (soon my dears, soon!), so today I had to pack everything and send it to Bucharest for other shooting. That means labeling, adding descriptions to each product, details about fabrics, they iron everything, put everything in individual packs and send the BIG pack. Plus, finish some on-line orders, some custom orders at the atelier needed fittings, meeting a few clients and on top of all that...the cat had a really bad day and they cried on-stop!!! Grrrrr
Even so...as I keep saying: I LOVE MY JOB!
Back to work! And never forget: after the 'bads', come the 'goods'!

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