Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the Shooting

Well, I do love to go shooting!
Shooting as in Snap! Snap! Not Bang! Bang! :)))
And so, tomorrow we'll have the photo shoot for my newest collection. And I'm very excited about it :))) I'm just going to tell you a few things about it, because I want it all to be a big surprise!

Here we go:
1. the name (without a name, it would be nothing): the Entitled Bully.
2. the season: well, guess what? No season! Or, all the seasons! :)) It's more of a capsule collection. A story, as I like to make them.
3. the team: me (ofc), Sabina Mladin (foto at by Sabina Mladin), Monica Popmark (hair & make-up), Anamaria Foltean (model), Rada Ureche (J'amais by Rada Ureche), Karina ( Flowers by Kari), Ancuta Ciortea (manager at Forward Models) and Brigitte Popa (cakes and sweets).

Aaaand, that's all you get to know right now! :P
Don't be hating! I know you like great surprises as much as I do!
ook, ok! One more thing: it's going to be the story of a girl, in 4 acts!

Now, back to work! Uh, I'm so excited about tomorrow, I simply can't stand still! Even so, you can be sure I'll be back with some pictures! :***

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