Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On theFword's Mind

Since I have loads of crazy ideas everyday, I decided to share some of them with you. Some of the thinks that run through my mind while I'm making dresses, while I'm drawing and so on... ;))

Hope you'll enjoy them!

by the way: I thought about this one while I was noticing another bruise on my legs. I really don't know how I'm getting them, but they keep multiplying by the day!!! ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot[Haute] Macabre

This weather is killing me!
It's simply too hot to do anything!!!

And this photoshoot is the best example to show you how I feel: strangulated, but fabulous! ;)) Breathless and soft and delicate and lifeless, all this while wearing fantastic chiffon gowns. Uh, the things we do for fashion...luckily my hair is short now (otherwise I would wear it long, on my shoulders...sure suffocation!).

So, the images are from the Italian Vogue (not sure, but I think last year) and the model is non other then Ethel Granger (the woman with the smallest waist, according to the Guinness Book of Records). Photos by Steven Meisel.

In order to keep things in order, I must say this: the title of this post comes from the blog's name, where I found the images (at the end, you'll find the link). And I just thought it was perfect!
Because it is Haute Couture!
Because it's HOT Fashion!
...simply because it's too hot outside, but we still show our FASHION-love! Interesting/fun fact: Animal New York published this article under the heading High Fashion Planking.From: Haute Macabre

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the People of the Future

We are the people of the future...
...but we live in your present!
Ever so often I meet people that seem out of this world...out of this time and space! Amazing people, that you just love to listen to, or simply watch them to their normal routines!Ufff...and the crazy thing is, they don't even know how special they are. How wonderful and interesting. But, that's what makes them so great. Their 'natural' way of looking at life.

Thank you friends for being my future people!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready For the Heat?

Like most of you, I too struggle with the effects Summer has on my body!
In May, the almost suicidal mission starts. ;))) I exaggerate, of course...but partially it's true. First, you say good-bye to everything you like and then you start doing/eating everything you hate!

No fun...sports and diets and creams and so on. I just don't know why I don't take care of my body all year long. :( It would be a lot easier... But 'easy' is NOT my middle name! I complicate things...

That's what we do: everything possible to reach the 'ideal' body.
But, did you ever think about it as 'the ideal body of OUR generation'? This retro add I found reminded me of how beauty was always a different thing, a different feeling, always depending on the period of time.

And with that being sad, let m tell you what I think.
Beauty: what one likes, loves, regards our taste in everything.
In Romania, we have a saying (one that I use a lot):
Gusturile nu se discuta!
Tastes (in fashion/culture/wine/food/decorations etc.) are not a subject of discussion
That refers to the fact that 'tastes' a too personal to try to convince somebody otherwise. Don't you agree?

Have a great Summer!!!:*

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashionable Mail

I'm not talking about that mail that needs 'internet connection'. No, now we'll be talking about the good-old-fashioned mail, that needs paper, a pen, an envelope and...a STAMP!

Why? Well, Johnson Banks have designed a set of postage stamps that celebrate the last 60 years of British fashion. I'm just wondering, are they trying to make the postal office cool again?! Joking...but, really now, I wouldn't mind getting (or writing) a real letter from time to time. Actually, one of my favorite activity while on vacation, is sending postcards!

Now, start planning how in your life is cool/nice/sweet/good enough to deserve a letter from you! I know I am doing the same thing!Text from Johnson Banks (pretty cool, enjoy!):
The great British fashion stamps have been created by London-based graphic designers Johnson Banks, who commissioned highly respected fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø to photograph 10 outfits chosen to summaries the last 60 years of British fashion. live models – as opposed to static fashion mannequins – were used to achieve dynamic postures and a sense of movement. the models had to embody the ideal silhouettes of the various fashion eras and fit perfectly into the surviving existing garments.

The two-day photo shoot took place at Sundsbø’s London studio. some of the clothes were obtained directly from the designers, whilst others were sourced from specialist vintage fashion stores. Johnson Banks worked closely with the photographer and his assistants, stylists and hair and wig artists. Following the shoot, the features of the models and the background were erased from the images in order to focus the viewer’s gaze upon each of the distinctive British fashion designs.

'It’s hard to make clothes look interesting if no one’s wearing them,' explains Johnson Banks creative director Michael Johnson. 'on a tailor’s dummy they seem flat and lifeless. on the other hand, we didn’t want models or celebrities to distract from the design, which is what we are celebrating.
For example, there’s a great photo of Ringo Starr wearing a classic Tommy Nutter suit in the 1970s, but you just think, ‘there’s a great photo of Ringo’ and don’t look at the suit.'
Johnson and co-designer Kath Tudball decided on a radical compromise: shoot the clothes being modelled for real but then digitally remove the faces and hands. First, however, they had to actually get hold of the precious artifacts, which meant the long process of persuading the designers or their estates to loan them out for a few days or sourcing them from obliging vintage stores (a task that took over three months).

The striking images finally came together during a two-day shoot June 2011. afterwards, judicious cropping and retouching were used to bring out the lines, textures and movement of the garments – for once, it was the clothes that were striking a pose.
From: Designboom

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feelin' Bipolar

I've been a fan of bipolar for a while now. They have great products, of a very high quality. So, what's there not to love?! Right? :)) Plus, I personally know the girls behind the brand and they are so much fun!!!

Anyways, they just released this very cool t-shirt and as soon as I saw it, I knew it must be a post on the blog. It's the simple things, with a twist, that make my day. Simple twisted things...perfect for a little twisted girls! ;)))

Very soon the t-shirt will be available on the bipolar site. Until then, you can get it from Ideasinaglass (but I guess you must live in Bucharest,Romania for that).Images: bipolar

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Taste in Music

This is a subject that is pretty controversial among my friends... Because I really like a lot of bands, of musical genders, musicians, etc. And the reasons are not always the 'normal' type.

I could like a band only because at a certain point in my life, I had a crush on a boy that looked exactly like the drummer or something like that. Or because I used to listen to a similar song when I first traveled cross-country by myself... the reasons are endless and even pointless...

Even so, I think I have great taste in music ;))))
Yep...and that's that!
* are you already looking at the Musical Inspiration labels?! You have no faith! No faith at all! Ok, just do it and you will see it's TRUE!

Back. So, here I am posting this oh-so-cool song, hoping you'll enjoy it. It reminds me of an evening spend at kf. Great music, great friends, great food (it was an Italian evening), great drinks and great weather...perfect!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just because...

I'm so sick of needing a reason for doing anything!!!

Why are you doing this?
Why are you taking that?
Why didn't you all me?/Answered when I called...

Well, guess what? JUST BECAUSE!
Why do I need to explain myself? I'm a grownup, I am independent, all in all I take care of myself and maybe even others. So why would I need to explain myself for my actions, I really don't know!

Why did I post this picture?
Because nothing compares to having a live decoration for your furniture!
good enough reason for you? :)
Image: Atelier Arina Varga

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SkirtBike Arad - Images

It was a perfect Sunday!
Skirts, dresses, cut girls, bikes, puppies, kids, smiles, lemonades and great music! If you know me, you know I don't need anything more!

It all started at 11 AM, when the girls started to come to the IT place! Even if it was crazy-hot outside, everybody was in a good mood, enthusiastic about the event. Well, as you were all expected, I didn't get to learn how to ride a bike (told you I was crazy busy) so I just took pictures! Snap! Snap!

And away they went...and I away went to have my delicious coffee @kf! There, they were preparing 250 lemonades for the bikers, on the house! When the dj came it was perfect! Bossa Nova, hip-hop and just all in all summer music! LOVED IT!!!

As soon as the girls were back, it was a little afternoon party! Yuu-huuuu! So much fun! :) You can see more images here! Hope I'll get to see you there next time!Images: theFword