Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The hot-cotton-candy of a Sunset

Last week (or was it the week before that?!). Not sure, I'm loosing track of time lately...:( No matter! A while ago, Bia asked me to help her (provide the outfits and advice) with a little photoshoot for her portfolio. You must know Bia!!! She the amazing hairstylist that's been helping me!

Back to the story (going crazy over here...it's true! If one stops posting for a long time, when they start again it just isn't the same!). I helped with 2 shootings (this one and another that you'll see soon...I HOPE!!!) and I simply had an amazing time!
The hair was great, the make-up was simply out of this world (by the lovely Monica Popmark), the photographers were eager to snap!snap! and the girls were so much fun!

Now, there was a little problem. This shooting took place on top of a hotel in Arad. Yep...and (of course) I'm afraid of heights!!! But not the models...they were running around in high heels and long-super-sized dresses, like they were at ground level. No stress... It killed me.
I was like a mom up-there 'Sweetie, please come closer! Stop standing there! Let me hold you foot...or something!!!' Yep...and they laughed and laughed...I'm getting old! :(

But I would do it any single day!!!photo: Maria Cristiana
hairstyle: Bee's Hair and More
make-up: Monica Popmark
dress: Arina Varga
model: Laura, Roxana, Bianca, Ioana and Madalina

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