Sunday, July 29, 2012

the After Party ... Party

We all know the feeling :))

Again, a shoot for Bee. I came with the clothes (most of them you don't know), Monica did the make-up and Bianca did the fabulous-crazy hair! The shooting took place at THE place here in Arad, a place that it's very important to me: kf.

It was all great and fun, but I have only one problem: I don't look like that after a night of partying!!!!
"the Afterparty" is about that unseen face of IT girls who get wasted and make you fall in love with them and the next day break your heart.they are sometimes sad and tired but they put on a pretty smile and dance until they're feet hurt.
they will let the impression of superficiality but they will always ask for respect.they are kind until they're not anymore.they wake up in last night's dress with make-up smeared all over their beautiful faces.and then,they start it all over...
And now you know! :)
Have a fantastic weekend! :*From/For: Bee's hair and more...

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