Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ride the Pegas!

Everybody is extremely excited in Romania!
PEGAS is back!!!

As you can see from the images, PEGAS is a bicycle. But not just any bicycle! It's an image of our childhood! All my friends had one when they were kids and so did I! And the connection between a child and his/hers bicycle simply cannot be broken!

I don't ride anymore. I'm not even sure I remember how to do it...but you know what they say 'Easy as riding a bicycle!' I'm hoping! Because I really really REALLY want one!!!

Of course, this comeback is with a new look, just perfect for the urban life. But believe me, when one is talking about PEGAS, it's all about the little flying horse! I guess it's something like wanting to have the cool jaguar on the hood of your car (, I hate the new flatted image they got going on right now...but that's another story).

So, hopefully you're feeling me in my love for PEGAS! And...maybe one of these days I'll get one! +lots and lots of pictures with it!!!Images: Bicicletele Pegas

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