Thursday, October 20, 2011

you CAN buy happiness!

...but only if you are like me! If you have the cravings of a little kid...Only (and believe me: ONLY) if you've tasted Nutella!

It's like Heaven. Like all the best things in life were put in this glass jar! After you tasted it once, you'll never want anything else (as far as sweets go) again...because (if u ask me) this is the taste of happiness!...hmmm, I wander if I could get paid in Nutella...

Nutella is great:
- with pancakes
- tasted with the finger
- licked
- for girls
- for boys
- for endless night of happiness
- for love
- for tears
- for parents and grandparents
- for loved ones
- for YOU!Images: theFword

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