Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY - Pirate Style

For about more then a month now, I started (restarted is a more accurate therm)listening to vinyl records. Yep...I just forgot what I was missing on!
It's just all about that great-fantastic noise when the needle hits the record...Nothing, NOTHING can compare with that!

But, as some of you may know...vinyls are more and more hard to find these days. For example, my friends do have great ones that I can no longer get my hand on (without going bankrupt I guess...). So, as a problem-solving person I found a solution, that's at the same time fun and practical: How to pirate a vinyl record!!!


So, here I am sharing with you, step by step (in images) and also, here you have the instructions...since I don't see a point in copying them here.

Enjoy and...join the dark side! We have great music! ;)From: SynthGear

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