Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spring-Summer 2011 - Frashion Trends

For HER and for HIM!!!
Now, I don't really enjoy doing this at the beginning (middle...whatever) of the cold season. But knowing next seasons trends might help you be a smart shopper. So, I guess I'm doing this for the good of humanity ;)))

;)) Just because we (professional fashinoistas) all need to know them. We shop smart and cool and this...this is going to make our job way easier! Here you go! Enjoy next season's trends:

New Edge
In New Edge, we represent a strong desire for modern shapes that we would like to be pure yet sensual. This modern outlook offers a radically simple, minimal aesthetics found appealing once again, updating an idea of classicism and timelessness. Between a search for original purity and the redefinition of shapes, we identify the contours of a new frame of reference. Highly stylized, shapes and lines are defiantly structured or erased to leave room for a comfortable ergonomic with generous, enveloping, air-conditioned fullness. We draw strength from the desert, a fascination for expanses without borders and opt for timeless eroded denim and sediment-like fabric effects.
Soft Alternative
Start dreaming of a more gentle connection with time, of a return to a more authentic existence. Between pragmatic realism - a better quality of life, sustainable and local consumption - and fantasized idealism - the dream of a simple and fair life, of authentic values ... Enchanted euthenics offers a continuation of the slow movement, but has a more elaborate and richer artisan edge. It is a celebration of generosity, gentleness, richness and consistency and a desire to rediscover a refined, long-forgotten savoir-faire and seek graceful sensuality with old-fashioned charm. Compose a refreshing romanticism, without naiveté. Like a wistful collector, list the outfits of forgotten trades and crafts or prefer endearing and dainted touches for an enchanting bucolic mood.
Technicolor Summer
This is a call for pure relaxation, cheerfulness and vacationing : a joyous escape from everyday life. Take up the colors of summer and the codes of seductiveness and give them a joyful spin, without fear of being over the top. We play Summer clichés «to the hilt» between jet-set opulence sultry seduction and impetuous glamour of the Happy Hour. Or opt for a California cool, coloring the preppy look with show-off humor, and playing with beachwear and American casualwear to concoct a smart relaxed look. Summer once again has a mythical attraction !
Urban Jungle
A sign of the times, Urban Jungle reflects the need for a strong, daring, imposing, confident attitude to better integrate and confront the intense, everyday life of the city. Effervescence, high performance, hectic rhythms and survival of the fittest ...To evolve everyday in urban environments which slowly mutate into urban jungles, we take inspiration from the fantastic, primitive forest: intense and wild, it symbolizes a thirst for survival and revives a dynamic, energizing primal force. Prints mimic and explore a rich Equatorial wildlife in luxurious camouflages or take inspiration and graphic strength from indigenous traditions.From: Fashion Trendsetter


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