Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm going crazy here, trying to keep-up with the temperature changes. What?! Is it too much to ask for 18-20'C?! NOOO! I don't think so! But what do I get? I get the opportunity to freeze my ass at 5-7'C!!!

Sorry, but this will be an angry post! I just can't take it anymore...And believe me, the weather (actually) is not to blame for m crappy mood.
The guilty one is me.
All me!
Because I'm not ready for cold weather as far as fashion goes. Yes, same old...same old! I have nothing to wear! That's why I wear everything! End result: I look like a homeless persone!So here I am, in my pretty atelier, with all my pretty clothes and my cool dog.
What am I wearing? Here we go: a t-shirt, 2 light blouses, a hoodie, a black leather jacket...+long socks, jeans, short socks (I don't even think they are the same color), beige leather shoes (no heels)...+2 scarves, hot pink mittens, 2 bags, bracelets (yes...accessorizing here) and a hat to keep me worm
...and to make the "crazy lady look" complete!

Pictures? No way in hell!
I hope that as the day progresses, I will take of some of the lairs :)) But who knows...for now, I am freezing! But today I will start looking for cold-weather clothes... lose a lot of things when you move. And as far as I can tell, not all of them are sentimental. also lose goods.

AAAAAAaaaa! Freezing!!!

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