Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarts & Ends

It's Friday! And as far as me and most of my friends like to think, it's the end of another working week. But at the same time, it's the beginning of the weekend.

As soon as something ends...something else begins...

Today, for me it's a "last day". Something ends. No sadness, only excitement for the future! After today, 2 days of numbness. Days of preparing for a battle! Things will never be the same...ever again!

I used to be scared of new starts ( doing so, really scared of endings). Now, I know that beginnings must be embraced! So, whenever something comes to an end (even if it's a good thing):
Better things are coming your way! ;)
Photographer: Facundo Garay
Muse: Emi Przepiora (Rebel Management)
Stylist: Natalia Repetto
Assistant: Eve Lina
Hair & MUP: Eli Heros
Photo Assistant: Alejandro Ardila
Camera: Canon AT-1From: Photographer&Muse

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