Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Finally, after months and months of looking for great interiors, great people to work with, super-duper machines and...understanding's finally all coming along!

Atelier Arina Varga is almost here! Yes...we have a Facebook page, were you can see what's happening, what's new...2 more weeks and you will be my guests!
Until now, we have machines, taller then 4m rooms, wood floors, Frankie jumping around, colored fabrics, stairways to heaven, next-door buildings with eyes on the roof...
...we have big windows, flowers, music form vinyl records.

I know you can't see much right now. That's the way I want it. Yep, it will be a surprise and I really hope you'll come and see it live! Until then, back to work!;)

ps. All in Arad, Romania!Images: Arina Varga


nookie said...

can't wait:x

Arina said...

me3!!! you'll come visit one weekend! right? YOU MUST! :***

Aura said...

Can't wait to see it finished. And also can't wait for the beautiful things that are going to be given birth there.


Stuart Couser said...

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