Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Glance at Atelier Arina Varga

This is MY space...
This is MY world...
This is MY reality...

It's not finished yet, but it will be. When? Nobody knows...But we started work (and working hard). Anyways, I just love the fact that finally I have a place where to meet my clients.

Soon, I'll post more images of the space. Of Atelier Arina Varga. But until the, I should get back to work and can visit the Facebook page ( AtelierArinaVarga) for more details!

Kisses and love!
And always remember:
Fashion is Supposed to be FUN!

Atelier Arina Varga
Bvd. Revolutiei, nr.90, ap.10
Arad, Romania
Images: AtelierArinaVarga


Anonymous said...

felicitari, arata foarte bine!

Arina said...

multumesc frumos :)

Aura said...

bautiful! best of luck!


Arina said...

10q sweetie!!!