Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fresh Start

Yep...Hello world! This is me again...(after a few months of not posting pictures of myself)

What changed? Well, the very existence of the images is all because of Patricia Imbarus! She had the patience to deal with me (and I'm pretty cu-cu when it comes to people taking my photo), she had the patience to deal with the weather...what can I say, she was there for me! :)

So...this is the weekend before I start work at the showroom and atelier Arina Varga. I just can't wait! But as I'm watching time pass by, I'm starting to get more and more nervous.

You the ride up the roller coaster top. You hear the wheels squeaking, the wood popping under the train, the wind in your hair, your heart beating out of your chest!
And then, for a few seconds, it all stops! Time, life...everything...
After that, it's all a ride. Easy, crazy, fun!

Let the crazy times begin!Yeah...Frankie came along for the photoshoot and of course, he was there in most of the images. Only 4 months and already a super-star! ;)Images: Patricia Imbarus


Anonymous said...

The first picture is really great...and your dress too ! All the best dans ton bel atelier ;) I do hope I will see it soon...

Arina said...

I'll be waiting for you! ;) kisses!