Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miami Vintage Vice...

Sometimes, I dream of running away. Don't you? Don't you wish to runway? To a retro past, with fantastic, colorful clothes in your suitcase and that special someone next to you?

How about Miami? Old-school, retro Miami! For this summer, it looks like the perfect destination. And if I get really up-set, trust me I'll just take a trip there! Why? Because I went there a few years ago...and I know that sometime, in certain places, the light is soft, just like in the pictures here.

But, before I start dreaming about holidays...STOP! and back to work! Yes...hammer time! :))) Even so, this photo shoot is dreamy... ;)

Magazine: Vogue Hombre
Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Fashion editor: Danny Santiago
Models: Julia Dunstall and Velencoso Segura
Brands: Prada, Vera Wang, Bottega Veneta etc.From: FashionGoneRogue


nookie said...

actually I do, more and more lately... the pictures are amazing!

ps: I miss you too!:**

Arina said...

wanna get lost with me in the USA? :***